We have done a big success in developing the most suitable environment around our company, for our customers


We believe that electricity is just organized lighting which can transform people's lives – both economically and socially. We aim to contribute to the world by making high-quality control equipment and electrical distributions that utilize this organized lighting for continuous development and reorganization of the world for the better


We are determined to bring growth to the world community and become internationally recognized as a leader in electrical design solutions. We believe it is possible to achieve that only by helping our clients bring their dreams and ideas to reality across the world, all of the time


Artelektro values shows what we stand for and who we are.

  • Customer Commitment – Developing relationships which makes positive difference in customers lives
  • Quality – Providing outstanding products and incomparable service, that makes premium value to our customers
  • Teamwork – Working together, across boundaries, in order to meet our customer needs and help the company to win
  • Respect team – Valuing and encoring our people development and reward them for their performance
  • Will to win – Exhibiting strong willingness to win in every aspect of our business performance


ArtElektro was founded on 28th September 2005. The company began its activity with a low-voltage switchgear production and trade. Currently, it is still the main field of the company's operation, but today, in addition to that, ArtElektro offers the design and manufacturing of different systems and equipment for distribution, generation and management of electrical energy, in order to make new solutions for a better tomorrow

Our work is based on two aspects. The first one is the relationships with our clients, which become only stronger from every project made. Strong relationships are based on the second aspects, which is to provide our services, products based on high-quality standards. As we have been operating in the field for more than 13 years, we have acquired and developed different skills and knowledge, from designing projects to manufacturing the equipment. We listen to our clients and try to tailor the solution to their needs and wants during the idea stage. Moreover, even after the warranty period expires, we are happy to give advice, solutions, and help our customers

Our main export destinations are Romania, Sweden, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus, Russia. We are always willing to discuss opportunities for cooperation and explore new partnerships

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