Main industries: industrial, building, renewable energy. (Other industries include: education, healthcare, government, entertainment venues, agriculture, machine building, offshore & marine.) For our production, we use only high-quality components.


  • E-house – Frame module design transformer substations
  • MT – Transformer houses
  • MV-RGKĮ – 6-24 kV Power factor correction cabinets
  • Warranty service and technical service after its expiration


  • E series – Low-voltage cell centre systems, up to 6300 A
  • F series – IP20 – IP55 Enclosures and cell centres, up to 1000 A
  • E-NFS – Motor control centers, up to 4000 A
  • S series – Fixed-structured enclosures
  • C series – Outdoor protective cabinets
  • EKAS – Cable transit & metering cabinets
  • EAS – Incoming electrical metering cabinets
  • Prisma – Schneider Prisma wall-mounted and floor standing switchboard
  • D series – IP20 – IP30 Group centre enclosures
  • DKS – Variable frequency drive systems
  • AVS – Control and process automation cabinets
  • AC/DC – Alternating and direct current cabinets AC/DC
  • RAA – Relay protection and control systems
  • RGKĮ – 0,4 kV Power factor correction cabinets


Our qualified and knowledgeable experts carry out design work for indoor and outdoor power supply, electronic communications, process control and automation, electronic fire alarm and fire prevention systems. Additionally, we provide installation work and prepare technical documentation.

Our service includes:

  • Technical consultations
  • Coordination and release work
  • IRR - Installation work, repair and renovation work of electrotechnical and automation equipment
  • Warranty service and technical service after its expiration


Artelektro experts carry out design work in the following key areas:

  • Electricity systems
  • Electronic communications (telecommunications)
  • Security systems, Fire prevention systems
  • Process management and automation


Artelektro offers a supply of electrical, electrotechnical and automation products and components directly from the leading manufacturers, providing products from more than 100 brands.


  • Cable products
  • Low-voltage and medium-voltage equipment and spare parts manufactured by ABB, Siemens, Legrand, Schneider Electric
  • Switchboards and electrical cabinets, manufactured by ABB, Schneider Electric, Finelcomp, RITTAL, TIBOX
  • Switchboards and electrical cabinets, manufactured based on customer specifications
  • ABB electric motors and variable frequency drives from ABB, Schneider Electric
  • Electric equipment, including low & medium voltage circuit breakers, motors, power electronics and integrated control & monitoring systems, manufactured by Hyundai Electric
  • Terminal blocks and connectors, lighting fixtures, cable-ties, clamps and brass cables-lugs, thermo-shrinkable tubing, crimping terminals, electrical connectors for energy distribution industry produced by Italian producer BM S.p.A
  • High quality lighting fixtures from J. Auer and etc
  • Wiring accessories, manufactured by ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric, ENSTO
  • And many others: Artelektro may offer products from more than 100 brands


  • Copper busbars
  • Tinned coated copper busbars
  • Aluminium busbars or cuponal busbars which deliver cost and weight saving advantages over solid copper for switchgear components
  • Control panels
  • Panelboards
  • Fusegear
  • Transformers


Diesel power stations are supplied together with ATS / ARI (automatic backup power input device), which upon a power failure will automatically start the power station engine, connect the user to the power station and supply the electric power. When the electricity supply is reinstated, the user is automatically switched to the main network, the power station engine is extinguished and switched to the power control mode

We offer :
  • Open and closed generators
  • Residential (super silent) generators
  • Industrial type generators
  • We are always open to provide any useful information in choosing a diesel generator most suitable for your needs, to advise all operational concerns, maintenance, spare parts, and factory orders for funding questions

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